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Global roofs are easy to install. They are designed to make conservatories more profitable for installers by saving time and effort.


First and foremost, the Global roof is installed from the inside. There is only one bolt at each end of the glazing bar, with no drilling required through the aluminium glazing bars.




Global aluminium top caps are available in woodgrain as standard and white as an option. No other roof system gives installers a choice between aluminium and PVC-U.


As darker colours absorb more heat than white we ensure all woodgrain top caps from Synseal are aluminium. While other companies use PVC for woodgrain top caps that can warp when it gets hot. Aluminium isn’t affected in the same way so it stays perfect even in the hottest weather.




The starter bar leaves a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting house and conservatory. It incorporates the soaker tray and the lead dresses directly into it, not over the top.


Because the drainage channels in Global’s glazing bars are never drilled the water can safely drain directly through the channel into the gutter.


When the glazing bar has been fastened to the wall the lead flashing simply drops into the glazing bar. The sculptured top cap knocks on in exactly the same way.




No one wants to look at their conservatory roof and see thick black gaskets around every glazing bar. That’s why we have designed concealed gaskets.


On a bright white conservatory they often look like tramlines running either side of the glazing bars. But not on a Global conservatory roof. Ours are unique; they feature internal gaskets that seal beneath the frame. So whether you’re on the inside or the outside they’re virtually invisible.